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  • It's a good revenge killer, but the lack in defenses, and the constant switches with no recovery make it not as useful as it appears, from previous testing.
    Hmm.. Mix COULD work; it sounds interesting.. But the power loss in either 1.) Spliting up EVs or 2.) Giving full EV's to one stat and leaving the other hanging also 3.) Choosing the nature that suits it, as losing defense points almost guarantees defeat will be difficult to manage,
    Tbh, the only reason Brave Bird was used was to counter Cryogonal, which is now in RU. Other than that, while physical sets are certainly viable, what water-type move can Swanna use that is physical? The comparison bewteen them isn't weighed.
    Sorry; just looked at this. The reason Swanna doesn't get a physical set is because Hurricane is mostly the reason Swanna is so popular in rain teams; it's power, effect, and accuracy is just adored by many in rain conditions, and without it, Swanna is pretty lackluster to even look at. Choice Specs is powerful, but with the Stealth Rock weakness, and no viable recovery with Choice Specs, it's shunned.
    I saw your post regarding this UU Pokemon that's great against weather. I'd be interested if you'd post it as well into my "Surviving Weather" thread you can find in the group! It'll go in the archive under your name ;]
    Well, thanks for joining our group! If you'd like to introduce yourself to the rest of the group, you can do so in the Introduction discussion. Hope you enjoy the group and provide meaningful contributions!
    Well, you sound like you'd make a nice addition to the group. Keep in mind though that we're not a tutoring program. We're a little more advanced then that. But if that's alright with you, then I'd be happy to let you into the group.
    So you're interested in the Smogon Creators Organization? So, might I ask about how much experience you have on Smogon, and why exactly you want to join the group.
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